Captain Fin Co CF-Quad Twin Tab

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CF Quad Medium (Twin Tab)
Template: Balanced—use in your modern performance quad for everyday surf.
Size: Recommended for medium size surfers 140 lbs. to 195 lbs. (63 kg. to 88 kg.)
Construction: Honeycomb Construction
Flex: Medium
Compatibility: FCS, FCS II Screws Included (Twin Tab)

These moderately raked, larger based, and evenly sized quad fins are a great all-around addition for your modern quad. The CF Series was designed for reliable performance in a variety of conditions and is a favorite amongst the Captain Fin team. If you can only have one quad set, this is the template to have.

Fin Specification Side Fins Trailer Fins
Area 15.48 10.94
Height 4.55 3.75
Base 4.5 3.78
Foil Flat 70/30