DryRobe Advance Short Sleeve Robe Large


So at first, we kinda thought these things were kooky, I mean, what's wrong with a bloody towel right?
And then we tried one.
And now all us shop guys have one and all our mates have them and we're all laughing because how the hell did we used to get changed at 5am in a cold, rainy, North Devon car park? Crazy good for so many of us who surf, swim, dive, sup, tri, run, bike, rugby and so much more.

100% Waterproof & windproof outer shell fabric, treated with eco-friendly BIONIC-FINISH® ECO water-repellent technology.
One piece body construction with no shoulder seams.
Super warm lining - Our Lining is a synthetic Lambswool (51% acrylic, 49% polyester) which draws the water away from your skin, drying you instantly while insulating you and making you feel unbelievably warm.
Full length 2 way reversible YKK® zip - You can operate the zip from inside the robe, while changing, or from the outside, as normal.
All the seams on the dry robe advance are sealed. this, along with the minimal seam design ensure the best protection possible from the elements.
External fleece lined pockets - keep your hands warm & store your essentials too.
A huge 'A4' size internal 'soft lined pocket for storing underwear, clothing or thermal base layers.
Internal zip entry iPod, MP3 / wallet pocket
The inside chest pocket can safely store your valuable items sealed in the '2 way waterproof' design. Your valuables cannot get wet from the outside or from the inside (if you are wet or in a wetsuit).
Super light construction - The lightweight materials and design ensure that the dryrobe advance is surprisingly light. At only 1.3kg It can be packed down small into a compression sac, or carried anywhere easily.
Adult Large size.
*100% recycled fabric compositions are filtering into stock now.