I Love the Seaside Book - SW Europe


I Love the Seaside, the first proper travel guide for surfers. At long last, surfers get their own travel guide offering the best of both worlds: surfing and travelling. In order to write this travel guide, the creators explored the shores of France, Spain and Portugal, extensively, and what makes the guide unique is that it's not just about the surf spots; it gives a good sense of the backdrop, scenery and atmosphere. It highlights the friendliest places that you'll love to hang out, shop, eat and sleep; all personally selected because they're run with the heart. It also helps you find other activities like horse riding, yoga, hiking, wine tasting and much more. Read little snippets of interesting info and short stories about inspiring local people, learn yoga tricks to help improve your surfing, and get knowledgeable about local food (and drinks!). What's included? - Beautiful and inspiring photos, maps - Detailed and clear description of surf breaks for all levels - Activities (yoga, SUP-tours, biking, wine-tasting, kid's stuff, etc) - Accommodations, shops, restaurants, cafes - Surf shops, schools, camps, board rental and repair - Interviews with seaside locals - Local food facts and recipes - Yoga tips and tricks for surfing.
The 'I Love' Series are printed in a quality you don't often see in travel guides which make these books perfect for your coffee table as much as your camper van.