Krooked Dymonds Skateboard Deck


Krooked's Dymond series is the gonz's way of hooking a brother up with a price point deck. they haven't just slapped a logo on the bottom, there's still some element of design to it all but it's simpler than the average krooked hand drawn madness and that means it's only £50.
Red = 8.06"
Purple = SIZE 8.25"
Black = SIZE 8.5"

Top sheet colours may vary.
All decks come with free Mob grip. If you want it gripped by us, just let us know!
And for the uninitiated, these decks don't come with trucks,wheels, trucks and all that jazz. That's a 'complete'. We sell those too!
UK shipping is a flat £4 on decks BUT we will bless you up with reading material and stickers to make it all worth it!