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The best damn raffle in town yo!
It may not make you a millionaire but you can do a little bit of good for the RNLI AND you could win a hecking good voucher to spend instore when this all blows over or online in the mean time.
It's a limitless raffle where for every £2 ticket bought £1 goes to RNLI and £1 goes towards the voucher, that way the more tickets are bought, the bigger the prize will be. We've never done one of these before so we've no idea how many tickets we'll sell BUT if we get there, we'll cap the first prize at £100, anything over that goes to a second place winner. Then anything after £50 goes to a third place winner

The May bank holiday weekend is traditionally the RNLI's 'mayday' fundraising drive where we would see the yellow buckets out and about in the town centre and events up and down the country. This year with the pandemic, they will see none of that happening so we're just trying to help a little bit. Wave Games has always collected for the RNLI, we joke that it's our 'insurance policy' for surfing as they've always got our backs so it's the least we can do to ensure they're still there when this all blows over.

As with any gift vouchers we sell, there's no time limit, use it when it suits you. You can spend online or in store or a mix of both,
Winner will be drawn at random on Sunday 31st May, winner/winners will be notified by email and us shouting all about it on social media!