Solarez UV Cure 2oz Fiberfill Board Repair Kit


Solarez is a mixture of clear, sun curing polyester resin and chop-strand glass fibers ideal for repairing dings in custom surfboards.
Cures by UV light in approx 3 minutes for Polyester and 1 minute for Epoxy or so it says on the tube - ideally you want to allow a little bit longer for an average UK day. Plus the longer you leave it before sanding the better. Sufficient for about twenty 1" round dings to the outer fiberglass shell. Comes with 60/240 grit sand pad. If in doubt about how to use the stuff just give us a shout or check out the many good tutorials on Youtube!
If you have an Epoxy board (ie Bic, NSP, Surftec, Torq) please use one of the Epoxy kits, for the rest of you with custom PU boards polyester is the go to. If in doubt, just give us a shout.