What size skateboard do i need?

It's never easy buying your first skateboard. Putting aside budget and rad graphics you're really looking for a trade off between the stability of a larger board and the manoeuvrability and light weight of a smaller board. You want to be able to learn plenty of new tricks whilst comfortably rolling around and getting to grips with the basics and balance. Here's a simple guide to get you started although please bare in mind that we tend to advise marginally larger boards than I've seen advised elsewhere but that's only because we want you to go away with something you can both use and that lasts.


AGE 3-6 

MICRO - 7.375 - 7.5" DECK

AGE 4-8

MINI - 7.5" - 7.75" DECK

AGE 6-10

MID - 7.75" - 8" DECK

AGE 8-12

FULL - 8" - 8.125" DECK

AGE 10-14

LARGE - 8.125" - 8.25"

AGE 14-16

*There are no golden rules. We know plenty of women with size five feet who skate larger board (8.4 and up) and slay it! There are kids like George O'neill from the uk who ride bigger boards than this suggests and are SERIOUSLY good! And then plenty of guys have size ten plus feet but prefer the agility of a skinnier deck. If in doubt, give us a shout and we'll help get you set up.